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Corporate Office Security

At Suman Security we offer reliable, professional and service orientated security guards to deal with your security requirements who are the most suitable for the role. Our guards possess the following skills:

  • Capable of answering phone calls or switchboards and re-directing calls
  • Experienced in conducting patrols in a professional manner
  • Customer service and safety as their key morals
  • Skilled with thinking on their feet
  • Keep calm under pressure
  • Posses a responsible and mature nature
  • Qualified in operating computer systems
  • Monitoring of CCTV

We believe in providing our clients with excellent customer service along with a specialised security service. We allocate a dedicated site manager who is wholly responsible for ensuring the highest level of service delivery is provided to your site. They will conduct regular meetings with your team to ensure you are receiving the full benefit of trusting us to secure your site and how we can help you further.

Our staff are smartly dressed in Suman Security uniform however we can cater your requirement of security appearance to suit your corporate identity.

Our security officers can provide you with the following services:

  • Reception Cover Overnight
  • PatrolsKey Control
  • Access Control
  • Facility Assistance
  • Event Security
  • Personal Protection
  • Car Park SurveillanceWe value our client’s safety and their decision to contract us to assist them with securing their site. We work in a professional manner and believe that communication is the key to maintaining an amicable relationship between client and security company.

As well as securing your site, our guards will also ensure that your building remains in a safe and operational position. Whilst patrolling the site, our guard will ensure that:

All windows are closed and locked, Bathroom taps are shut and not over flowing, Entry and exit points are clear from safety hazards. There are no signs of fire or gas leaksOur guards will note all incidents found on their patrols in the log book we provide them with. This will then be conveyed to your staff at the point of hand over or, in the event of an emergency to your out of hours contact number.

Our 24-hour operations team support our on-site staff to provide all our customers with an effective and efficient service. They can communicate with the guard on your site to assist them with any issues and ensure the integrity of your site is maintained.
It is common practice for corporate sites to operate a rigorous access control system. Our guards are trained to deal with a variety of different situations. From issuing badges and lanyards, requesting visitors to complete log books or confronting intruders, our guards are confident to challenge all non-conformance.

Construction Security

Suman Security offers comprehensive construction and development security solutions for construction sites.

Our construction security solutions include manned guards based at your premises, monitoring of CCTV cameras and alarm systems and the implementation of our guard patrol monitoring system.

From groundwork’s to completion, Suman Construction Security can offer you peace of mind for the duration of your build. Please call us on or email us on to arrange a free of charge site visit and inspection. Our team will also conduct a risk assessment as well as providing you with a competitive quotation.

The types of construction sites we supply construction security for are:

  • 24 Hour Cover
  • New Housing Developments
  • Warehouse ConstructionsNew Builds
  • Demolition Sites
  • Office Restructuring
  • Show Rooms

Construction sites are a high target for criminals who may look to steal machinery or tools, or to vandalise sites that are close to completion or hand over. We advise our clients to securely lock up all machinery and tools at night and to highlight to us the problem areas on site.

A lot of our clients have praised us on our ability to deal with Traveller and Homeless issues and the problems which can be associated with empty construction sites. Our guards maintain rigorous access control and ensure no unauthorised visitors or workers enter the site. 

Children are also a major issue for construction sites. Their unauthorised access is extremely dangerous and an occurrence that all site managers will attempt to avoid. Our guards are aware of the ways in which children attempt to enter construction sites (to retrieve a ball, or for somewhere to hide) and have been advised to tackle these issues in a sensitive but forceful manner.

Suman Security can offer your construction site:

  • Manned Guards
  • Fire Marshals
  • Traffic Marshals
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Access Control
  • Secure Key Holding

Our clients appreciate the way we keep their sites safe and the professional manner in which our team operate. We like to keep the client informed about any security issues that occur whilst the guard is on site through our daily occurrence log sheet. Our construction security guards london are trained to escalate serious issues to the control room who can call emergency services or the site manager if required. We appreciate two-way communication and will visit the site regularly to check the guard is performing their duties.

We like to implement precise handover procedures to ensure no information is missing and any unresolved issues are passed on to the next guard or the site manager. We are available via phone or email to answer all of your queries.

Educational Campus Security

Suman Security is an independent campus security company providing man guarding and security guarding services and offer a broad range of personable, effective and bespoke security services.

Our Campus security guards promote lawful behavior and protect the welfare of students, faculty and staff as a uniformed presence on campus. A campus security officer performs foot and vehicle patrols of a college or university campus to monitor behavior, secure buildings and property, investigate disturbances, maintain order during events and enforce regulations. 

They monitor the physical safety of campus buildings by locking and unlocking doors, patrolling or monitoring using surveillance systems, and reporting suspicious behavior. Many are also tasked with enforcing traffic and parking regulations.

The types of campus sites we supply campus security for are:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Museums
  • Stadiums
  • Hospitals

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Patrols assigned area on foot, in assigned motor vehicle, or other specialized vehicle to ensure personal, building, and equipment security.
  • Examines doors, windows, and gates to ensure security; uses University keys to open and close buildings; monitors closed buildings for unauthorized persons and/or suspicious activities.
  • Informs and warns violators of rule infractions, such as loitering, smoking, or carrying forbidden articles.
  • Provides escort services for visitors, students, staff, and faculty, as necessary; provides other public assistance, such as lockout services, jump-starts, and routine information.
  • Watches for and reports irregularities, such as security breaches, facility and safety hazards, and emergency situations; contacts emergency responders, such as police, fire, and/or ambulance personnel, as required.
  • Remains alert for the presence of unauthorized persons and/or security code violators; approaches suspicious persons and/or notifies police as appropriate; may confront and/or detain violators, as required, until police arrive.
  • Performs periodic checks of emergency call boxes and/or street lights to ensure proper functioning; reports malfunctions as required.
  • Patrols and monitors assigned parking areas and/or parking garages to provide public security and assistance.
  • Maintains security controls for issued University keys; safeguards and controls issued University equipment.
  • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

In emergency situations, campus security officers respond to the scene, provide first aid, and alert additional police or emergency personnel as appropriate. They maintain radio communication with other safety personnel and officers on campus, helping to coordinate emergency plans. They also write and submit incident reports to public safety supervisors or law enforcement agencies as appropriate. Other duties may include monitoring alarm systems and responding to alerts, training additional security officers and serving as crowd control at special events.

We are a business of talented, driven and passionate people who love working with institutions and take great pride in serving safety of people, leveraging safety and technology with fresh thinking, . We see exciting future and achieve the best possible standards.

Event Security

At Suman Security Ltd we provide comprehensive man guarding event security services for all of your event needs. We are available 24/7, and pride ourselves on our ability to understand your needs and deliver as promised.

How can we help you?

We have a wide range of customers who we have successfully provided event security for. Some of these include event security for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Office Parties
  • Film Launches
  • Industry Events
  • Museum Openings
  • Sporting Events
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Large-Scale Events School/College Parties

At Suman Security, we ensure our customers and clients are happy with the security service we provide them.

Event Security Staff at your service
We invest time and energy in our event security officers to train them to deal with a number of scenario situations which encourages their confidence to protect our reputation and to ensure they live up to the promises we make.

Our event security guards check and screen all visitors and guests to your event and ensure they have authorisation to be present at the event. Our event security officers pro-actively deal with any problems and carry out patrols of the entire venue. They liaise closely with your team on all issues and provide a clear and concise records throughout the event.

Hotel Security/ Hospitality

Suman Security can provide you with manned guarding security and comprehensive hotel security solutions for safety and security of you clients and customers and helping your guest to have a great night’s sleep. Be it budget or boutique, hotel or holiday home we offer the same guarantee.

We ensure that any security officer we send to you is committed, responsible, reliable and highly competent within the hotel security industry.

Hotel premises, surrounding areas and car parks are an easy target for criminals. Vandals will be looking for any opportunity to steal guests personal belongings or car while their owners are pre-occupied. G3 Security officers are fully trained to deal and prevent with such Issues.

Our hotel security team will ensure that your premises are well protected against any unauthorised access or occupation and to protect the property against damage by force of entry and theft.

What we do:

  • Internal and external site patrols
  • Authorised room checks
  • Staff and customer harassment prevention
  • Access control

Our guards will make themselves familiar with fire escape routes and floor plans and many have fire marshal and first aid training.Our supervisor will also visit the site to ensure our guards are maintaining your site well.Your appointed account manager will visit the site regularly to check your staff are happy with the service we are providing and to check our guards are working to the optimum level.Our team remain vigilant at all times and are on hand to assist the reception staff with all duties.

We understand the complexities of hotel sites and can assist you in the following ways:

  • Conduct regular site patrols to ensure ground floor windows are closed and have not been broken into.
  • Check that all guests are behaving in an acceptable way and keeping their volume low.
  • Ensure all TV’s and music appliances are kept to a low volume.
  • Monitor any alcohol usage in the hotel and ensure guests are not disturbed by any anti-social behaviour.Highlight any health and safety issues to hotel management to be swiftly resolved.
  • Maintain the same level of respect for guests as hotel staff.

We are available for one-off, ad-hoc, event cover, temporary, short-term or long term cover in the day or night or when your hotel staff/concierge cannot make their shift. Our offices are open 24/7, 365 days a year allowing us to accommodate all last minute security requirements.

Please call on or email to book in your security requirement.

Retail Security

Suman Security is an independent retail security company providing man guarding and security guarding services and offer a broad range of personable, effective and bespoke security services.

We are a business of talented, driven and passionate people who enjoy working with companies and individuals who hold the same values of people, passion, exciting future and fresh thinking. We want to achieve the best possible standards. Our key standards are:

  • Shops
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience Stores
  • Restaurants/Coffee Shops
  • Fashion Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Discount Stores
  • Factory Outlets
  • Fruit & Veg Warehouses
  • Early Openings & Late ClosingsVintage Stores
  • Electronic Stores
  • DIY Supplies
  • Retail Security Officers

We believe in providing excellent customer service to our clients along with best security service. We allocate a dedicated client manager who is wholly responsible for ensuring the highest level of service delivery on site.

In store, a security operative should:

  • Greet visitors to the premises in a friendly and courteous manner
  • Carry out his/her duties in a professional and courteous manner
  • Behave with personal integrity and understanding
  • Be fit for work and remain alert at all times and develop knowledge of local services and amenities appropriately

Our guards are trained in best practices for effective communication and people skills.

Our management is committed to provide quality support to clients.

Industrial & Warehouse Security

Suman Security is an independent security company providing security guarding services and offer a broad range of personable, effective and bespoke security services to accommodate your needs.

Our guards can successfully cover the security needs of any industrial or warehouse facility. We have guards that can patrol sites, monitor CCTV, respond to emergencies and set alarms. We also place numerous warning boards to hot spots on your site to create an additional visual deterrent to discourage criminals from entering the site.


Suman Security Ltd will assess your site to determine what route to security coverage is required. This is a complimentary part of our service and vital to assuring how the site works and where the problem areas may be. We will nominate a dedicated account manager to your site who will be available 24/7 to deal with all problems and issues.

Our guards will maintain a rigorous access control system to ensure all visitors, delivery drivers, labourers, management and facilities staff provide identification upon arrival and sign in and out of the building. They will endorse all company policies and ensure the importance of wearing identification at all times is re-iterated to all staff.

 The main tasks for a security guard on an industrial & warehouse site are:

  • Car Park Supervision
  • Conducting Patrols
  • Visual Deterrent
  • Access Control
  • Managing Deliveries
  • Safety Supervision
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Mobile Patrols

Our guards will involve themselves fully in how your business operates and will be able to cover reception duties as well as providing back-up to on-site staff during the day or night. It is also essential for our guards to take the responsibility of maintaining the site during their shift to ensure the goods and stock are never at risk. They can do this by checking:

  • Any perishable goods are kept fresh
  • The site is secure during extreme weather conditions
  • No items have become dislodged or are damaged or faulty
  • Note down any injury’s or incidents that may occur
  • Deterring any vandalism

Our guards will be dressed in our full uniform at all times. This will allow them to perform their task as a member of authority and as a visual deterrent.

In addition to security guarding, our supervisor will also visit your site to ensure the guard is performing their duties. They will also act as a mobile patrol to ensure areas of your site that can not be covered by foot are appropriately checked.

Client satisfaction is at the heart of our business, so we are open to hear all of the ways you would like us to secure your site and can offer great advice and cost-effective solutions for the benefit of a safer environment for all.

We look forward to hearing from you by calling or emailing us on

PSO BodyGuard & Bouncers

With extensive industry knowledge and long term association with clients, we, at Suman Security have a complete understanding of the security concerns and threats that are associated with the protection of VIP’s, celebrities, corporate and business key persons . Thus, we are able to address all such concerns with our specialized services and skilled Personal Security Officers.

All Personal Security officer (PSO) or Bodyguard, Close Protection Officer, Armed Gunmen, Private Security personnel and Bouncer is employed after complete verification of credentials, experience check and validation of all documents. 

Duties of Personal Security officer / Bodyguards

  • Maintain safety of Client at all times
  • Manage security for events, social gatherings
  • Control and maintain arms available for unforeseen circumstances
  • Provide every sort of logistical help Detect, report unusual events , circumstances to the client

We provide you trained, educated and certified bouncers for:

  • Restro-bars
  • Pubs
  • Nightclubs
  • Hotels
  • Discotheques
  • Concerts
  • Other venues

Our bouncers will keep your venues away from arguments, misbehaviors, fights etc that are commonplace where crowd size is more like in discs and where alcohol consumption takes place like in bars and discs, pubs, restro-bars etc.

  • High quality security services
  • Skills in dealing with fights and arguments
  • Handle aggressive behaviour of clients
  • Efficient enough in preventing entry of weapons and drugs in your premises
  • Keeping constant eye on the crowd inside your venue
  • Deal with woman safety
  • Follows all the criteria of security set by your organization


Housekeeping Services


We have been actively managing facilities for over 10 years. Our prompt & high quality services get us appreciation from our prestigious clients. .

Our facility management services have been benefiting a number of residents, sky-high buildings, shopping complexes, villas and corporate according to their needs. Most of our clients are associated with us for years.

Facility management is a vast field covering housekeeping, gardening, guarding & various other services. Especially at Suman Security, you get support for all major facility management services including:

  • Housekeeping services
  • Gardening services
  • Security services
  • Support staff services

Unlike other facility management companies, we don’t believe in giving you assurances for the services that we cannot serve. We are a straightforward agency believe in providing effective services in which we are specialized. Our facility management aims to fit your needs well.

Under housekeeping services, our well-trained housekeeping professionals collaborate with facility managers or supervisors to provide customized cleaning experience. We use industry recommended cleaning products and advanced cleaning appliances to provide flawless service. Every project is meticulously planned from start to finish. We consult with our clients directly to develop an understanding their requirement of their property to create a unique service package for them.

Each approach is taken systematically which includes:

  • Inspection of the area, items and surfaces that need to be cleaned
  • Client requirements and demands are fully understood
  • Recommend certain brand House keeping materials which would be within the budget and more effective.
  • Housekeeping requirements for a villa is totally different from corporate, therefore, we have kept our plan flexible to meet your needs.

We are specialized in providing security guard service at your home, villa, mall and corporate. Our security officers are well-trained and alert. The comprehensive training includes self-defence and dealing with havocs like fire. With our well-trained security officers, whom have their Fire training/ briefing scheduled at your home or office which would find a protective environment.

Contact us at any time to appoint working staff like peons, Security guards, Security, supervisor, housekeepers and various categories of manpower. Our work unit is always contactable/available to assist and provide you the staff support services to residents, buildings, malls and corporate.


  • One of the most well-established facility management companies
  • On time housekeeping, gardening, security & staff services
  • Customized service plan to fit your needs best
  • Maintain happy client relationships

CCTV Camera Security

The rise in criminal activity calls for a robust security arrangement both around your commercial and residential property. One of the most effective ways to secure your properties is to install CCTV cameras. Installing home CCTV cameras, enables you to view your properties remotely from anywhere in the world.


We offer a wide range of CCTV technology to our customers to accommodate all types of requirements.

  • High Definition Cameras
  • Analog and IP cameras (ranging 2MP to 8MP)
  • Cameras over Ethernet (PoE)
    Fixed, PTZ and Panoramic Cameras (360o)
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Dome and Bullet Cameras
  • Thermal Cameras (for monitoring in the dark)
  • On-site Monitoring Software
    Video recording capability



  • Quality video evidence helps solve crime and increases apprehensions by private security and police agencies
    Saves money by identifying operational issues.
  • Acts as a deterrent to those that would consider being dishonest.
    Video evidence often eliminates or significantly reduces exposure to litigation via fraudulent or frivolous claims.
  • All too often businesses discover product or money missing weeks after the fact. Having video archives available to go back and review often solves these mysteries.
  • Video analytics – let video help the operational side of your business by mapping customer patterns, counting people, capturing license plates and more.

Suman Security are able to supply and install CCTV so you never have to worry about leaving your properties vulnerable to criminal activity again.We provide CCTV Camera Services, for your peace of mind and solution against intruders or crime, Protect your Home and Business with our CCTV Solutions, call.